Must-Have Decorative Accents for your Bedroom

We have all been quarantined and living in our rooms permanently for almost a year now. And truthfully, before last year, my room had been barren and bland because I spent almost 90% of my day outside and never at home. I am now slowly gaining a love for all things cute and colorful for my bedroom to spice up what will continue to be my safe space for the next few months. The following are a few additions that I have made to my room or am hoping to make soon!

  1. There’s nothing better than a pop of color in your room if your walls are completely white like mine. Target offers a good range of double-sided colored comforters that come in different bed sizes.

  2. There are many small businesses and artists that sell their wonderful creations that would look great on your wall or next to you on your nightstand. I have been personally eyeing a few on Bonne Femme!

  3. You’ll need a few photo frames to display your new prints, and Amazon offers a great range of simple and classic ones. If you want to hang them up on your wall, make sure you purchase Command Strips too.

  4. 4. Candles

    I’ve always loved purchasing big candles from different stores but have recently been amazed by small, intricate candles in different shapes, sizes, colors and scents. Etsy is a great place to look for small businesses that offer cute, trendy candles.

  5. 5. Flowers

    You don’t have to wait for someone to give you flowers! You can take a trip to Trader Joe’s and buy yourself a bouquet for $5 since they always have beautiful, fresh flowers in stock.

  6. 6. Vases

    You’re going to need vases to put your fresh flowers of course. Dollar Tree has simple, $1 vases that do the trick. Or you can try Michael’s for colored ceramic vases that cost no more than $10!

  7. 7. Trinket Dishes

    I am obsessed with pretty jewelry so naturally I want to display them in my room like canvases at a museum. To do the same, purchase glass containers at Dollar Tree (I have a star-shaped one) or support small businesses on Instagram! Examples of these are: @ceramicnstuff or