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Music Videos That We Don’t Talk About Enough

loving is easy– rex orange county

Obviously, the coolest part about this video is that it’s stop motion. Anyone who takes their time to create a stop motion film is someone worth mentioning. Not to mention, the song is super catchy. This is one that a lot of people simply haven’t even heard of.

raf– asap mob

Even if you don’t care about the Asap Mob, hip hop, or fashion, you still have to admit that this video is crazy creative. Shoutout to Hidji Films, the people who edited this.

close but not quite– everything is recorded (ft sampha)

Wow. The effects used in this video are as beautiful as they are confusing. Sampha’s mesmerizing voice accompanied by a sample of Curtis Mayfield’s “The Makings of You” are the perfect match for this original video.

mercury rising– TheMIND

Another stop motion, but like I said before, I think that every stop motion video is underrated. TheMIND is the perfect candidate for such an intricate love story. If you like craftiness, you’ll love this video.


fool wit it freestyle– supa bwe (ft chance the rapper)

Thank God for animation!!!!! This isn’t the first time that Chance The Rapper has been featured in an animated video (Angels by Saba ring a bell to anyone?), but this one is so beautifully done. Everyone should see it.

perfect– tyler, the creator

Whether you like his music is an argument for another day, but can we at least agree on the fact that Tyler, the Creator creates masterpieces for his music videos? Let’s at least agree on that.


empty– kevin abstract

This is how you tell a story. Kevin Abstract, and his character Helmet Boy, keep your eyes glued to the screen as if you were watching a feature-length film. This video is superrr well done.

halfway to nowhere– cheloi

You may have seen artist, Polly Nor’s work floating around the internet at one point in your life. If not (and even if you have), you HAVE to see what she created for Cheloi’s “Halfway to nowhere”. Can you tell that I love animation?

girl like you– toro y moi

I wouldn’t say that there is a clear narrative that this video follows,  but I will say that it is both attractive to your eyes and your ears. So if you enjoy having a good time, I suggest you watch “Girl Like You” by Toro y Moi.

f***ing young– tyler the creator

No intro necessary. For a second, while you’re watching the video, you might stop to ask, “was this directed by Wes Anderson?” To which I would respond, “Nope, it’s just that good”.

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