SPOTTED: Mom Jeans at NYFW

In 1999, 501 Jeans were named the "Fashion Item of the Century" by TIME Magazine, and it appears that not much has changed in the past 18 years. 501's, aka the original Mom Jeans, have been adopted and sought after by the most influential tastemakers in the fashion industry today. The street style snapshots of Spring/Summer 2018 New York Fashion Week are marked by well-worn denim in varying shades. It is as if women finally have the go-ahead from the industry to wear items of comfort such as Adidas sneakers and 501's. Rather than having to outdo the woman next to you, you can now reach for your favorite pair of jeans and think about something other than how your pencil skirt makes it impossible to take anything larger than a toddler-sized step. This comes at a price, however. Vintage deadstock jeans- Levi's included- have become a hot commodity. Pairs with busted pockets that expose your bare cheeks can retail for well over $100. Comfort comes at a cost, but nothing can beat the serendipitous feeling of slipping on your "one of a kind" pair of jeans that you thrifted (and somehow miraculously stay buttoned even after eating a full pizza). Mom Jeans have been a wardrobe staple longer than I have been alive, and I would like to imagine that they will still be around long after me. If I haven't worn them to shreds, my grandchildren can expect tattered 501’s to form the entirety of their inheritance.