LMU Freshman Dorms Told By The Office Characters


Here’s a list of LMU's freshman dorms told by The Office Characters.

Del Rey South = Jim Halpert

Del Rey South is the laid-back dorm filled with funny and cool people, just like Jim. Everyone is friendly, and looking to meet new people.

Del Rey North = Michael Scott

Del Rey North is similar to Michael Scott, because they think they’re “top dog”, but in reality no one really understands how they got that title.

Doheney = Dwight Schrute

Doheney is similar to Dwight Schrute, because it’s the honor student dorm. What better dorm to represent the ultimate beet farmer and secret agent and many-other-things king?

McKay = Toby Flenderson

While most freshman dorms are located near each other, McKay is not near any of the other freshman dorms. Just like Toby, who is stuck all the way in the back of the office, in the annex.

Desmond = Kelly Kapoor

All that needs to be said is that Desmond, considered the best all-girls dorm, represents the Kelly Kapoor of LMU, because it’s the diva dorm.

Rosecrans = Todd Packer

Rosecrans goes hard, so it’s similar to Todd. Known as ‘ragecrans”, you can always expect something to be going down. Like Todd, even at work, the party never stops.

Whelan = Kevin Malone

Whelan represents Kevin because even though it’s basically identical to Rosecrans, there is less craziness and just more shits and giggles.

Sullivan = Pam (season 1- 3 beach games episode)

Although Sullivan is air-conditioned and has high ceilings, it is one of the most quiet and low-key dorms on campus. Like Pam, specifically during seasons 1-3 (before new and improved Pam), she is very quiet and soft-spoken. It is rumored that Sullivan will be renovated soon, so this may represent the beach games episode where Pam comes out of her shell.

Huesman = Creed

Huesman represents Creed, because they’re always weirdly distant from everything else that is going on, and no one really knows anything about them. It also smells like ass, just like Creed’s mung beans breath.