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Life of a Transfer Student

By Gabby Marquez

You and me are one and the same, well maybe not, but we do share a common struggle: being a transfer student. Trust me, I feel your pain, the process was difficult to get into LMU but the struggle did not stop once we got accepted. You soon realize that you have to make new friends AGAIN, meet new professors AGAIN, and be in a whole different environment, you guessed it, AGAIN.

Wait, let me take a guess as to what you are dealing with right now. Did all your credits transfer over? Do you have to retake a class you completed at your previous university? How’s the friend situation? Haven’t found the right friend group yet? I feel your struggle! There are so many things we transfer students struggle with that not a lot of people know.

But the great thing about LMU, is that you really don’t have to worry about all those issues. Of course, the minute I got accepted into LMU, I was nervous and definitely anxious that I wasn’t going to be able to fit in. But when I came, it was actually the complete opposite.       

Yes, I was stressed and nervous the first couple of days, that is completely normal. In addition to being stressed, I was completely lost. I thought I had a class in St. Roberts on the first day of classes only to figure out that it was actually in University Hall! (I tried to run as fast as I could to U-Hall but by the time I got there, there was only 30 minutes of class left. I know, how embarrassing right?)

With the many clubs offered on campus, sorority and fraternity events and sport games, you will be able to get involved quickly and become a true lion at LMU. As transfer students, we don’t have much time left so we have to make every minute worth it!

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