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A Late Person’s Guide to Being on Time

As someone who is perpetually late, I have a wide field of expertise in the realm of “just making it on time.” It’s college, there are plenty of reasons why we all are running late to our various activities. But not to fear, I am here to help! You might be wondering how I, having already admitted that I am perpetually late, would be able to help you. The answer is simple: I know exactly what not to do. So without further ado, here are a couple pieces of advice on how to be on time.


Know Yourself

My first piece of advice is to know yourself. What I mean by this is to know how long it takes you to get ready and to get moving. For example, I know that I move like a zombie in the morning. So in order for me to be on time, I set my alarm to go off early enough so that I have enough time for me to sit in my bed and glare at the sun for a while before actually getting up and getting ready.


Set Alarms

SET ALARMS FOR YOURSELF!! If I actually woke up to my alarm, I’d probably make it to class on time. But since I am a prime user of the snooze button, I know it is a good idea to set multiple alarms to get yourself up in the morning. Alarms are also good to use when you are doing your make-up in the morning and aren’t looking at a clock. Just something that is helpful to keep track of time. (Don’t be obnoxious about the number of alarms though because it is always important to be respectful of your roommate).


Wear A Watch

I don’t actually wear a watch, but I assume that having one would be helpful in aiding your ability to keep track of time.



Set Reminders On Your Computer and Phone

Give yourself friendly little reminders, whether it be something like “leave for class” or “get your ass up,” there is nothing better than holding yourself accountable. Reminders are basically like silent reminders that pop up on my computer or phone while I’m doing stuff and it just helps me keep myself on track.

Leave Early

My final piece of advice would be to give yourself enough time to get there. Find out how long it takes you to get to your destination and leave a couple minutes before that time. It is always better to give yourself extra time to get somewhere to account for the miscellaneous distractions or mishaps that you might experience along the way. For me, well I don’t actually know how I did this, but I somehow I managed to convince myself that my Philosophy Class starts 10 minutes earlier than it actually does and as a result, I am always on time. I’m not in any way suggesting that you do this with your own classes at all; the point I am trying to make is that leaving earlier than I need to helps with making it on time.


Lindsey is a Journalism Major at LMU. She enjoys reading and writing in her free time and she is very interested in travel, photography, and adventure.
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