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Juicy Couture Holiday Gift Guide

It’s Christmas morning, 2008, there is one present left under the tree. Middle school you is praying that its the Juicy Couture tracksuit you had on the top of your list. As you lift off the lid of the box you are met with the hot pink bedazzled velor matching hoodie and pants in all of their glory. You can’t wait waltz into sixth grade English after break rocking this beauty of course accompanied by your trusty pair of Ugg boots rolled down to show the fur.


Whether owning a Juicy Couture tracksuit was your childhood dream or not, we can all agree the brand was an iconic fashion staple of the early 2000’s. And now in the age of tv and movie reboots, our beloved velour tracksuits are making a come back of their own.


This holiday season Juicy Couture is giving back with the help of Delivering Good by donating one tracksuit to someone in need for every one purchased online. Help all of your friends reach their middle school dream this season by giving them the gift of Juicy. You’ll be able to find something for everyone but here are some of my favorites:


The Sporty IG Queen



The Glam Girl



The Gal on the Go



The Ray of Sunshine

The Globetrotter


The Cool Mom


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