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Joe and Jordan Dancing with the Stars: A Review

By Maddie Mackler

Let me be honest, I’m a full-fledged member of Bachelor Nation. I haven’t watched Dancing with the Stars in a very long time, but when I heard Grocery Store Joe and Jordan were dancing together, I knew I had to tune in for this epic dance.

This dance was a salsa with Joe and his partner Jenna, as well as Jordan. Well, it wasn’t really a dance, it was more of a thirst trap. The show really stepped up their game with the props this time. There were cars men ripping off their shirts (one guy got really into it)  and even two showers for Joe and Jordan to get wet. The only person really doing the dance was Jenna, and oh my goodness, her legs are the most beautiful legs I have ever seen.

The point of this routine was to have fun and put on a show.  I mean, that’s what you do when you have Jordan the male model who provided most of the entertainment on Becca’s season.  They danced to “I’m too sexy,” which shows that the men were their to flaunt it.

So did it work?

These men dance like most men without rhythm dance. Plus, there is an added pressure of putting yourself on the line in front of cameras and people.  They don’t want to mess up and look embarrassing, but the point of this dance is to go all out. Joe got that a little and he felt more confident, but he’s been on the show for a couple of weeks. Jordan started off strong, but I could tell that he really wanted to get the moves right.  His model walk was flawless because that’s what he’s comfortable doing, but once he failed to rip his shirt off, his mood just sank and washed away with the water that showered him. He even managed to mimic left shark in the most dance oriented part.

While the dancing may not be the most impressive, I watched for Joe and Jordan, and that’s what I got. I love seeing them play off of each other, and I love the spectacle of it all.

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