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The New Year has finally arrived! With that comes resolutions, goals, and aspirations for what we hope to achieve in this upcoming year. While still being cooped up inside our homes, one of my favorite things to do has been discovering new reads to obsess over. Being an avid reader, I have always been intrigued by reading fiction and have been diving into a fantastical story. With that being said, I am usually not the biggest fan of memoirs, but after much deliberation and several recommendations, I finally decided to purchase Glennon Doyle’s memoir “UnTamed” from Amazon. Without a doubt, I am so glad I put aside my judgments of memoirs in general because Doyle’s book was by far my favorite read in 2020. 


The book itself is filled with metaphors opening a larger discussion of how societal expectations can bind and blind people to accept a certain type of life. Each chapter discusses struggles whether it be pertaining to navigating as a woman in a patriarchal society or the marginalization of the LGBTQ+ community. Initially, when I first began reading, I had no idea of the emotional toll that this memoir would have. 


This book reads a bit like an untraditional love letter. Doyle discusses trials and tribulations she has experienced in her personal life when it comes to being a mother and learning to not only love her family and friends but also discovering how to accept and love herself. This sense of self-reflection is why many readers have found this memoir relatable, vulnerable, and honest. As you progress through the book, you begin to question if you as the reader have been acting as your most authentic self. 


The personal aspect of this memoir is the reason why I fell in love with Doyle’s writing. Being honest in this way is in no way easy and Doyle is transparent that she too is flawed. Although at its core, it is a self-help feminist memoir, it doesn’t read as such. The writing doesn’t feel preachy or advising the readers how they should live their lives, but rather, Doyle uses her individual experiences to help them reflect introspectively.

Below are my personal recommendations!

Buy the book. Not only does Glennon Doyle write beautifully, but her words strike a chord deep within and you will want to mark up this book and highlight some of her quotes.
Find a peaceful place and allow time to read the book to get the full experience. Highly recommend lighting candles and playing the audiobook.
Even if memoirs aren’t your thing, go into it with an open mind.

To start off this new year with thoughtful intentions and a reflective mindset, the essential book read for this month is “UnTamed.” I guarantee this memoir will allow you to open up and look deeper into how you interact with the world around you. I promise this will be a book you can’t put down.

Hi!! I'm Christina Fazio and I'm a psychology major and double minor in Women and Gender Studies & Journalism at LMU and am originally from the Hollywood area. I typically love to talk about social justice issues, mental health issues and I enjoy the simple things in life including journalism, binge-watching shows on Netflix, and looking out at the Bluff at LMU. Constantly learning new ways to be informed and educated and sharing that through my writing.
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