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An Interview with Brooke Olimpieri a.k.a. Filthy Mouth Creative

Brooke Olimpieri, aka Filthy Mouth Creative, is the ultimate cool girl. Creator of the digital magazine, Another Filthy Magazine, Brooke takes fashion, art, and photography to the next level. She is a creative based in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Olimpieri works with some of the trendiest brands and most in-demand models, such as OMIGHTY and Jess Lee Buchanan. Another Filthy Magazine is a digital magazine where photographers and creatives alike can show their work to a wide range of followers. It is like a digital gallery where some of the most unique ideas are displayed.  Another Filthy Magazine is one of the many ways Brooke shares her creativity with the world. Inspired by both the past and present, Olimpieri uses her film photographs as a way to tell stories and share her love of all things vintage with her audience. I was given the opportunity to interview Brooke, getting a glimpse into the mind of the one and only Filthy Mouth Creative.


Emily Ronnenberg (E): First thing’s first, how did you get the nickname “Filthy Mouth Creative?”

Brooke Olimpieri (B): Well, I have been known to have a Filthy Mouth in certain situations. Wink wink.


E: How was the idea for Another Filthy Magazine born?

B: I wanted a place to showcase the work of other artists like myself who didn't necessarily identify with other digital magazines. People always think my page @FilthyMouthCreative is a collaboration of many photographers’ work, but it’s actually all my own... So people were constantly submitting their work to me. I found some of it so great, that I knew I needed a place to showcase all of this amazing content. So that’s where Another Filthy Magazine was born.


E: What advice would you like to give to someone hoping to make it big in the creative industry like you have?

B: Well, I think making it big is a very broad term. It think it’s subjective to what a person believes is "making it big". For me, making it big is being able to do what I love regularly, and being able to pay my bills, and so I would say I guess I’ve succeeded in what I believe is achieving that goal for myself.


E: Who/ what inspires you?

B: Everything and everyone, movies from the 80's & 90's, anything pop culture, early Playboy magazines, Rock n' roll documentaries, music. I love everything vintage from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. I am inspired by all things that once were that we have no use for anymore. I love a good rotary phone, a boombox. I like to relive my childhood, or at least all the things that were popular during that time.


E: What are some of your favorite photoshoot locations in LA?

B: Venice beach & Santa Monica. I love West Hollywood and all the iconic rock n' roll bar locations from the 80's & 90's. I love Carney’s Hot Dog, it’s a rad spot and I love the inside shot.. And also Pink’s Hot Dog is great to shoot outside.

It was such a pleasure talking to Brooke Olimpieri and hearing more about both herself and her work! As a creative myself, Brooke is someone who I have been following for a long time, so finally getting to talk with her was a dream. For all things filthy, be sure to follow Brooke’s page, @FilthyMouthCreative and the magazine, @AnotherFilthyMagazine!

Studio Arts major at Loyola Marymount University interested in all things fashion, beauty, art, and pop culture. @imemilycatherine
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