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An Instagram-Worthy Guide to Dining in LA

If you’re looking to spice up your dining choices or Instagram feed, here are a few of my favorite restaurants and places to go in Los Angeles that are always worth the traffic!

Urth Cafe: You’ve probably been here a dozen times, but the latte art never gets old, the longlines have never dissuaded you from staying, and the options are infinite. If for any reason you haven’t been to Urth yet, tell any one of your friends and that will change immediately.

What to order: 

Grilled Cilantro Chicken With Pesto.

Bouchon: Nestled next to the Montage in Beverly Hills, Bouchon is the perfect place to eat outside and relax, while potentially being seated across from a celebrity. Although you might assume because of the location it is really expensive the prices are pretty versatile, as long as you aren’t ordering the sea bass. I’ve chosen coming here with my mom over going to class more times then I’m willing to admit.

What to order:

Grilled Cheese or in Français fromage grillé

Churro: Borough Enticed by social media, a few friends and I went to the Churro Borough and we unanimously loved it. Although I haven’t been back I definitely still think about this place.

What to order:

The Churro Sandwich with Spanish Latte ice cream (or which ever flavor you like best)

The Ivy: A classic restaurant in Los Angeles, that everyone should go to at least once, perfect for bringing a family member visiting from another state. This is the most expensivere staurant on the list, so be prepared but it is worth it.

What to order: 

The Fresh Wild Maine Lobster with Linguini Fresh Tomatoes, Home-Grown Herbsand Spices

Nekter Juice Bar: It takes skill to perfect the art of making an acai bowl, and Nekter has definitely done that. The one in Pasadena is located right across the street from the Soul Cycle, so as a reward after a long ride you can cool down and enjoy your acai bowl. Perfect motivator during tap backs. 

What to order:

Acai Banana Berry

Cafe Gratitude: My friend introduced me to Cafe Gratitude earlier this year and I’ve been hooked ever since. I wrote a review once before and I will keep recommending their vegan, gluten-free cinnamon rolls forever. 

What to order: 

I am Transformed (or in English: Tacos filled with sauteed baby squash, seasonedpinto beans, tomatillo pico de gallo, guacamole, creamy salsa verde, raw cacao mole,side of wild rice summer bean salad.)

Sprinkles: Sprinkles, is an experience in itself. If you chose to go to  Rodeo you’ll be able towalk around toting your cupcakes, but if you have a late night sweet tooth after hours you can hit up the Sprinkles ATM all night long. 

What to order: 

Sprinkles Sundae (literally a scoop of ice cream between the top and bottom of a cupcake.)

Fig and Olive: The perfect salad in the perfect location. The one in Melrose is great because you can also cross off talking photos in front of the pink Paul Smith wall off your insta-bucket list.

What to order: 

Insalata Di Fregola (Fregola Sarda, roasted butternut squash, celery, mint, parsley, citrus dressing).

Bottega Louie: As soon as you walk in you’ll see the beautiful pastries in rows ready to lure you in,and any choice you make will be the right one. Take some treats home to share withyour friends and family, and they will love you forever. Especially if you bring themback the white chocolate, sprinkle covered pretzels, they are delicious. 

What to order (To-Go):

Early Grey Macaroons 

What to order (If you’re eating there):

Chocolate Souffle 

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