I Survived Barry’s Bootcamp

Heading into this class I was honestly pretty nervous. I had heard great things about the classes at Barry’s Bootcamp but I don’t work out very often and was afraid I wouldn’t be able to keep up.

If you aren’t familiar with Barry’s Bootcamp, it is work out studio known for being the original high intensity interval workout. Each class is a scheduled rotation from running on treadmills and weights on the floor. I did both cross country and track growing up so I knew I could handle the running, it was the weights and my noodle-like arms a that was causing most of my stress.


On Sunday, some of the Her Campus LMU team and I headed to Barry’s Bootcamp South Bay for their full body workout class. I’ll just spoil the ending here, I’m hooked! And here is why:


1. You can go at your own pace

At each interval our teacher Nate gave three options for speed on the treadmill so you are in control of how hard you want to push yourself. In the weights section, you choose your own weights and band resistance so it’s ok if you’re not the Rock.

2. The staff is so nice and really motivating

It was most of our first time at Barry’s and the whole team did a great job of walking us through the class schedule before we headed into the infamous Red Room. Once we started, the instructor was constantly encouraging us to push ourselves and get the most out of the class.

3. It goes by really quickly

Something about moving back and forth between running and weights made the class go by in no time. Even within each rotation it is broken down into sections of sprints and jogs or arms and abs. This helped me focus on what was next and not worry about how much time was left in the class.

4. You will be sore the next day

I definitely felt it in my legs, abs, and arms the next day but to me, that is the sign of a good workout. When I am working out on my own at the gym it’s hard for me to push myself enough to actually get sore, so feeling sore after this class actually makes me proud.

5. It’s next to my favorite Whole Foods

If you have never been to the El Segundo Whole Foods you are truly missing out. After class we headed across the street for an acai bowl from the Whole Foods smoothie bar and it was the perfect way to finish off the morning.