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I Stand With Standing Rock #NODAPL

Over the past few months Native American Tribes have been at war with a company called Energy Tranfer Partners to protect their land from the construction of something called the Dakota Access Pipeline. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The pipeline would stretch from Canada all the way to the Gulf Coast in Louisiana (over 1,100 miles)
  • The Standing Rock Sioux Native American Tribe heavily disagrees with the construction of the pipeline
  • Because of the proximity to Sioux lands, the oil company would need to consult them before construction
  • In July the tribe filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to temporarily stop the construction of the pipeline
  • The judge did not grand the halt in construction, so the Justice Department, the Department of the Army and the Interior Department halted construction
  • The pipeline orginally was supposed to cross under the Missouri River near Bismark, however was moved because of concerns that if an oil spill occurred it would contaminate the water supply of the state capital
  • Instead it was moved to cross the Missouri River at Lake Oahe, only half a mile from the tribes land, meaning any oil spill would be catastrophic to their water supply
  • Those fighting against the pipeline have been asked to be referred to as water protectors rather than protestors
  • In recent weeks police have begun to use brutal tactics in efforts to remove the peaceful water protectors such as using rubber bullets, tear gas, and spraying water from fire trucks

Is it not enough that the US government has a history of wrongfully stealing Native American land and discounting their rights? Have we so quickly forgotten the Trail of Tears and the Native American genocide? Why are the concerns of the white citizens in Bismark more important than those of the Sioux Tribe?

If all of these facts aren’t enough to make you completely outraged that the US would allow an oil company to so wrongfully disrupt the land of Native American tribes, please watch this video to learn more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FDuqYld8C8

I urge you to make it known: I stand with Standing Rock. 

To learn how to get involved please visit the website http://standwithstandingrock.net




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