Girl with short hair smiling

I Cut My Own Hair In Quarantine

The other day I was feeling antsy and wanted something to do so I decided to cut my hair. Yes… I cut my hair. Because I mean, what else would one do in quarantine? Ha… right? I’d been wanting to cut my hair somewhat short for a while so I decided I’d do it myself. 


For me, I was just looking for something to do but for those who actually do need a haircut, this article might be useful. 


Step 1: Straighten your hair (if necessary) 

Also, make sure your hair is dry. It’s easier to see if you messed up when it’s dry rather than wet. 


Step 2: Using elastics

Section your hair off in four even sections.


Step 3: Move the elastics to the spot you want to cut your hair

I cut about 4 or 5 inches off!



Tip: slide the elastic a little lower than where you want to cut so there’s room for error. When cutting your hair, cut straight across and above the elastic. 


Step 5: touch-ups!


A super easy and fun activity to do if you’re bored or in need of a haircut. I decided to make a Tiktok of myself cutting my hair. I love my new haircut and to my parents’ surprise, it turned out really well.