How Tiktok is Keeping People Fit During Quarantine

Tiktok, the ever-popular video-sharing app, allows users of all ages to shoot and edit their own fifteen-second videos and present them to the world.

With an order of self-quarantine in place virtually everywhere, Tiktok has grown significantly as an interactive platform, causing even those who swore they would never download the highly meme-able app to succumb. The week of March 16 to 22 alone caused Tiktok to see an 18 percent increase in downloads in the United States. This can be attributed to the added need for entertainment during this time of social distancing.

So how does Tiktok keep people fit? It seems counterintuitive, right? Yet, despite its reputation for generations beyond Millennials as another time-wasting form of mindless entertainment, Tiktok is jam-packed with home workout tutorials, healthy eating rituals, and of course, dance routines. In fact, Tiktok dances may be the most effective call to action yet, as middle schoolers and college students alike try to outshine each other (or simply enjoy themselves) in iconic dance routines like the “renegade” and “savage.”

I can speak from experience that these dances are not as easy as they look and almost always cause me to break out in a sweat. Because they are so short and you feel like a complete boss once you’ve mastered one, it’s very difficult to stop learning a dance after you’ve started. It becomes, dare I say, addicting as you acquire more skills, challenge yourself and friends, and steadily inch toward that Tiktok clout.

Next time you’re in a homework funk or just need a break from reality, I suggest trying out a Tiktok dance to regain that sense of confidence and thrill in moving your body again. No backaches here!