How to throw the perfect Friendsgiving

We all know Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, but my favorite holiday is Friendsgiving.

Friendsgiving is a holiday celebrating the amazing friendships we have! It is also an excuse to reunite your group from high school or start new traditions with college friends. Here are a few tips to creating the perfect Friendsgiving:

Name Cards: Take each guest’s name and fold a little card so that the name is displayed in front. Next, write underneath it what your favorite thing about them is.

Memory Jar: Have each guest write their funniest or favorite memory with someone else in the group. Put all the memories into a jar and place it on the table. Throughout dinner, everyone can open the notes and read their favorite memories of each other from that year.

Potluck: Instead of having the host cook all the food, I would suggest having everyone bring their favorite Thanksgiving dish. It is less cooking for everyone and you get everyone’s best dish.

Decorations: Friends are important in Friendsgiving, but decorations are a must. Pick out a cute and festive tablecloth or buy fake fall leaves from the dollar store. Anything to spice up the table and get everyone in a festive spirit.

Dress Code: You can go with everyone in leggings and hoodies or you can go with a classier route. Everyone could dress up and have a more formal dinner. It all depends on what kind of vibe you want for the evening.

Playlist: Put together a playlist of songs that describe your group or songs that remind you of people in the group. Include songs that have memories attached to them or ones that you all enjoy listening to together.

Overall, Friendsgiving is about taking the time to cherish our friendships and connect to each other.