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How to Tackle your First Midterm Exam Told through The Office

Midterm season is right around the corner.  Say goodbye to easy weeks and prepare to see all your friends cramming in the library and Starbucks.  Although midterms can be stressful, here are some tips on how to survive your first midterm season as told by The Office.

The first thing to remember is to block out time during the week to study, especially for the harder topics.  Find a study buddy to help explain things to you until you have mastered it.

Sometimes it can be overwhelming, to the point where you have the urge to either nap…

or scream…

…but don’t lose hope and try to keep in mind of how it will feel when you finally finish that midterm!

The biggest piece of advice I could give you is to believe in your abilities and go into your test with a positive mindset.

Also, keep in mind that this is only one exam and one grade does not diminish your value or determine your entire future. You got this now go and study!

Hi!! I'm Christina Fazio and I'm a psychology major and double minor in Women and Gender Studies & Journalism at LMU and am originally from the Hollywood area. I typically love to talk about social justice issues, mental health issues and I enjoy the simple things in life including journalism, binge-watching shows on Netflix, and looking out at the Bluff at LMU. Constantly learning new ways to be informed and educated and sharing that through my writing.
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