How to Tackle Separation Anxiety from College Friends Over Break

While many people return home during break to plenty of high school friends, many people feel distant from their old friends because they have found their new people at college. Or, some people have moved away from their hometown so break will be spent entirely with their relatives. Whatever your particular situation, the reality is that a month is a long time to be away from your college friends.

In college, friendship is 24/7. You live within walking distance of all of your friends, or you even live with your friends. It’s hard to go from seeing someone everyday to not seeing them at all for a long period of time.

However there are ways to make break bearable even without your besties by your side. Here are a few ideas!


Set a time to talk.

Not just texting or snapchatting, but actually calling or facetiming can make it feel like you’re back with your friends and give you time to catch up! If you do this several times over break the time will pass quicker because you’re still up to date on everything happening with your friends while you are away.


Revel in nostalgia.

Being home is full of opportunities to relive the past. Not necessarily high school--unless you had a great time in high school--but just appreciating where you grew up and who you grew up with.

Make sure to spend plenty of time with your family, pets, and close friends from home. Go to your favorite restaurant or cafe, and visit your favorite places in your hometown.


Make time for yourself.

Especially over winter break, because you just kicked finals in the ass! Now it’s time to focus on yourself a little. College can be exhausting because your energy is always being used outwardly--studying for exams, writing papers, maintaining your social life--all that and more combined leave little time for just you.

Break is a great time to watch that series on Netflix that has been on your list for way too long, or read a book for pleasure rather than school. Filling your time with relaxing activities that give you a chance to recharge after the end of the semester will make you happier and leave you feeling ready to return to school.