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How to Stay on Track During a New Semester

College can get difficult with everything we have to do nowadays, and it can be especially overwhelming the minute you start to procrastinate. With no one around to tell us what to do, and when to do things, it’s easy to start falling behind. Here are some helpful tips to help you stay on top of your schedule this new semester!

1. Plan your day out

    This may seem obvious, but it helps a lot to plan your day out by tasks. Writing them down in an agenda and giving yourself specific time slots will help you become much more productive. This will hold you a little more accountable for when you want to get things done and you get to set your schedule yourself. Be flexible; try moving things around until you find a schedule that works well for you.

2. Set long-term and short-term goals

    Goal setting is a great way to become more productive.  Just having something in mind that you’re working toward can really help in the long run. Short term goals can be as simple as writing one paragraph for that paper or participating in class that day. These realistic short term goals will help greatly when working on your long-term goals. Taking it one step at a time and putting your whole self into what you do is helpful for being more productive when achieving these short and long term goals.

3. Write down your tasks and goals

    Keeping a planner or bullet journal is a great way to constantly remind yourself to stay on top of your work. Seeing it everyday in your planner will help you prioritize your work. For me, I find it easiest when I make a list of what I have to do today and start with the hardest thing on the list so everything else seems easier.


4. Know your resources

    College can get difficult at times because of all the independence. Knowing where you can get help when you need it is important for staying on track. Tutoring, office hours, the student academic center, and many other resources are all available on campus for you to ensure you are getting the most out of your education. Knowing when you need help and where to ask for it will only benefit you.

5. Set time aside for yourself

    Finding a balance is key! Academics and work can become all-consuming, so it is also important to keep up with your physical and mental health as well. Consider going to the gym, listening to music, making crafts, or anything you enjoy to unwind for a bit. Taking some time for yourself and doing things that you like to do will make it easier to find that balance.


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