How to Spice Up Your Fall Wardrobe

“Hot girl summer” is officially over. I never actually found out what that meant, so thank goodness for autumn! I may have a bias as a Scorpio, but fall is my favorite season and a great time to experiment with style. Autumn may be correlated with “boring” neutral colors, but there are various accessories, styles of clothing, and fabrics that can add a special finish to your outfit. For instance, incorporating a touch of velvet or lace into your outfit can transform the whole vibe. Even in Southern California, there are simple ways to elevate your fall wardrobe without bundling up. Here are five staple pieces to add to your closet this season:

Turtlenecks and sweaters


Turtlenecks have made a total comeback in recent years. Picture Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face or Rachel Green from Friends. If a turtleneck is too warm, throw on a light sweater. Pick a patterned or brightly-colored sweater to stand out. Pair your top with straight-leg jeans and some dainty gold jewelry for a minimalist Parisian look! This outfit is effortlessly chic and can easily be recreated with different pieces.

Straight-Leg and Flared Jeans


Instead of grabbing for your beloved skinny jeans, try wearing a different style! Straight-leg jeans make every outfit look more polished. Levi’s 501 Jeans are still in vogue, although they were created in the 1890s. If you are feeling up to it, try a flared silhouette or embroidered denim. Not only are these styles more elegant than skintight jeans, but they are also super comfortable. Comfort does not always have to be sacrificed for fashion!

Ankle boots 


As autumn commences, so does boot season. Swapping out sneakers for a fashion-forward boot will make your outfit more sophisticated. A versatile style is the ankle boot. The ankle boot comes in many different colors, materials, and patterns. There are a plethora of options to choose from. Want to keep it low-key? A basic black ankle boot pairs well with virtually every outfit. Want to spice things up? Try a snakeskin print or faux patent leather. 



If you are wearing a simple outfit, a neutral-colored blazer can elevate your look. Houndstooth and plaid are classic choices. A leather jacket will add a little edge to your outfit. You may be thinking it is a ridiculous idea to be layering in Los Angeles. However, it is completely acceptable to wear a tank top or shorts in order to keep a balance. Sunglasses are encouraged as well!



Can you think of a pattern that screams “fall” more than plaid? Cher Horowitz’s plaid skirt-set from Clueless immediately comes to mind. There are so many different ways to wear plaid during fall: flannel shirts, blazers, skirts, pants, and even dresses. Layer a long sleeve underneath a sleeveless plaid dress to achieve the autumnal look. You will be feeling as studious as Rory Gilmore this back-to-school season.