How to Pass the Time During This Unexpected (And Highly Unwanted) Quarantine!

I know a lot of the content coming your way during this scary, upsetting, and unknown time is mainly serious, negative, and instructional. While social distancing is IMPERATIVE for everyone to practice in order to stay safe and prevent corona from spreading even more than it has already, it’d be nice to see some more cheerful things online right about now! So here are some ways to make the most of your at-home quarantine:

pug in a blanket


Whip out those board games, card games, video games, party games, puzzles, etc. Even without the threat of corona, I’m a sucker for a regular game night. You can even make up your own games if you find yourself getting bored of the same few ones. Any activity that can engage you and your quarantine buddies will keep you busy, distracted, and most importantly AMUSED! Get creative!



When you can make your very rare errand run, stop by the arts & crafts aisle and stock up on everything that catches your eye. Of course, grab stuff that you are guaranteed to love, like maybe coloring books, but also take advantage of the quarantine and use this extra time to try something new! Maybe you’ve been wanting to learn how to sew for a long time, or you always thought scrapbooking was a fun concept. NOW is the time to give these guys a try!



Now, this is ironic that I am putting this on the list, as I am the unofficial (but honestly official) spokesperson for not ever wanting to work out. BUT, with this newfound time on my hands and being off campus for the next five months I’m going to challenge myself and try to get down a solid workout routine. Don’t get too ahead of yourselves, this isn’t going to be super drastic or intense right away (baby steps y’all). I figured if I’m not gonna see my friends for a long time I have two options: wallow away in my sadness and repeat the freshman fifteen, or take control of my physical AND mental health and legitimately STUNT on everyone when I return (everybody’s jaws about to be DROPPING). 


*If you’re worried that you can’t work out because you can’t leave your house to go to the gym or even go outside for a run, HAVE NO FEAR! There are so many amazing trainers, YouTubers, and fitness gurus online that post free workout videos for just about everything. Just google the type of workout you want to get in, and BAM - hundreds of options to choose from, and do from the comfort of your bedroom floor (many even without needing equipment)*



This is probably the most likely thing every single person will take advantage of while at home fighting off corona. In this day and age, thank the LORD that there are so many streaming services to choose from. We have Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO, Apple TV, Disney Plus, and so much more to find our next TV show or movie to relish in from the comfort of our sofa, or bed. 

There’s even amazing software, such as Netflix Party, where you can pretend you are back with all your friends whom you are obviously RESPONSIBLY social distancing yourself from and watching the same movie together. It essentially syncs you all up on your individual screens and allows you to chat with each other as you sit back, relax, and imagine yourself at the movie theater. 

With all this free time, you can finally get through that LONG list of content that people have recommended you watch. This way, when quarantine is over and you get to reunite with all your friends you can all talk about every single trendy show or cult-favorite movie. Similarly, even stuff that you yourself have wanted to watch but just never had the time to get around to - well, now you do. Let yourself feel accomplished by gradually checking off every piece of media off your endless list. So watch. Now. Like your life depended on it. 

Hopefully, this small list helps you kick off this sudden period of quarantine with the most positive outlook! Remember, while we may be in an unfortunate situation, we are blessed to be living in the era that we do with all of this technology that not only keeps us connected through rough times but also provides most of us who are reading this article with basic luxuries, such as a home to be in right now amidst one of the deadliest global outbreaks. Try and grasp onto this token of gratitude whenever you feel yourself getting down - we’re all in this together, and we will get through this. As my favorite person, Ellen DeGeneres says - be kind to one another.