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How To Host the Ultimate Bachelor Viewing Party

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at LMU chapter.

Invite friends

Reality shows are always better with a group. You need someone to laugh with when one of the contestants tells the bachelor she loves them within the first 45 minutes.

How to: Send a group chat with the details telling your friends when the premiere is, what time, and your address. Then end the message with “Will you accept this invite?”

Play Bachelor Bingo

As entertaining and different as every season is, there are a few key phrases and behaviors that never cease to appear on every single episode of The Bachelor, including a contestant accusing another contestant for not being on the show for the “right reasons,” a former contestant reoccurring, a steamy hot tub encounter, or someone getting sloppy drunk. With all these repetitions present, why not create a game?

Incorporate Roses At Every Chance

We all know the symbol of the rose is life or death in the bachelor, so I suggest adding them into your party at every opportunity! Roses indicate who’s staying and who’s leaving on the show. They are the source of every contestant’s greatest anxiety and the bachelor or bachelorette’s stress during the Rose Ceremony. That being said, adding roses where you see fit aligns your home with the show’s key dynamic.

How to: Here is what I did to kick off Nick’s premiere:

Roses, as drink accessories! Use the template below, all you have to do is cute around the rose, make two little slits and poke your straw 

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