How Getting an Annual Pass Changed my Disney Experience

This is my second year with a Disney Annual Pass and it has totally changed my experience at Disneyland. Before coming to college, my family and I would come to Disneyland maybe once every year or two. Then it felt like I was going often, but we always followed the same routine. Now that I’m living the pass life my friends and I go at least once or twice a month. The pass I have pays for itself in just over four uses, so to say it’s worth it is an understatement.  


I am more relaxed.

    If I don’t get all the rides or food I planned during a visit, I know I can come back soon. The pressure to plan every minute of the day is gone, which I’m sure everyone I am with appreciates.

I spend more money.

    Three words: Rose Gold Ears. And just everything they sell in general.

I’ve tried new food.

    I had no idea there was a whole restaurant dedicated to pizza and pasta in the back of California Adventure until last week. Located by Goofy’s Fly School, Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta combines my two favorite things: carbs and Disney.

I am more engaged with Disney news.

    The Disney blog about upcoming events and park additions is way more interesting to read when you know you can actually go see it and not have to wait a year or two. Pixar Pier, I’m ready for you.

I’ve seen new areas of the park.

    My friends are always on the hunt for the next insta-worthy Disney spot.

I’ve made new friends.

    Since so many people at LMU have passes, it seems like every time I go someone new comes along too. It’s really fun to see everyone’s Disney traditions and experience things about the park I didn’t know about before.

I’ve seen new shows.

    Now that I can come back whenever I want, I have watched more shows since I’m not so focused on rides. From fireworks to parades and Fantasmic, watching the shows really brings out the spirit and magic of Disney that I love.