How to Experience the Fall Season While Living in LA

Southern California is everyone’s dream location because of its clear blue skies, beautiful hikes, piercing blue water, and bright hot sunshine. For me personally, the warm weather was a huge factor when trying to pick a college location I would be living in for the next four years. Even though I cannot complain about the beach days in October and wearing dresses all year long, my homesickness really shines during the fall months. 

Growing up in Boston, the fall was my most memorable and desired time of year. The weekends were filled with apple picking, football games, fresh pumpkin muffins and warm apple cider doughnuts, leaf piles, and oversized sweaters. Everyone always looked forward to the first fall crisp morning and sight of the leaves changing from green to bright orange. Although the  endless sunshine and beach weather here is never unappreciated, I can’t help but miss home during this season. 

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 In the hopes that I am not alone, I began researching activities around L.A that could fulfill my fall FOMO and cure my endless pumpkin craving. Whether you are in the same situation as me and need a little piece of home in L.A or want to explore other parts of this city you haven’t seen yet, below are some places and activities I recommend trying out this fall. I refuse to admit that Los Angeles does not have seasons!




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For those of you that have cash in the bank or want to make the drive down to Anaheim, Disneyland could not be a better spot to visit during the fall season. Not only are the lines a bit shorter and the weather is more bearable, but the whole park also turns into an enormous Halloween extravaganza. Everyone’s favorite rides such as Space Mountain gain an extra element of fear by turning into Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy. In addition, Main street is lined with bright orange pumpkins and all of the characters are dressed in Halloween themed costumes. The most important element of Disneyland is the delicious food and during the fall season, there is no exception. You can definitely get your pumpkin fix by trying the famous pumpkin spice Mickey beignets or the pumpkin churros. You really can’t go wrong with visiting the happiest place on earth during the fall and it is definitely worth the break in your college student bank. 


Football Game 


As heartbreaking as it is, here at LMU, we, unfortunately, do not have a football team of our own. Nevertheless, that has not stopped my friends and me from experiencing the intensity of college football during the fall. Last year, my friends Caitlin, Kathleen, and I took a trip out to the Rose Bowl to watch UCLA play the University of Washington. It was my first college football game I had ever been to and was definitely a highlight of last fall for me. The large sea of students and parents watching and screaming for each team reminded me of my high school football games. I seriously recommend going to a game at the Rose Bowl or Coliseum in order to experience the true epitome of fall football. If going to a game isn’t possible, my roommates and I love having the NFL on in the background every Sunday. It reminds me of watching it with my dad at home. 


Apple Picking


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 Although it might seem like apple picking is more of an east coast tradition, there are still farms outside of L.A that have lots of apple trees that you can pick from! It might seem crazy to go and pick your own apples for L.A natives when you can just go out and buy them, but it is an experience. Some of the different farms you can drive to are called Willowbrook Apple Farm, Stone Soup Farm & Heritage Orchard, and Riley’s Farm, which are all located in Oak Glen. You can make this a whole day excursion because it is about a two hour drive outside of L.A, but the drive through the mountains make it 100% worth it. The best part of apple picking that my family and I do every year is taking all of the produce you pick and baking all day the next day with it. Your dorm/apartment will smell like apple pie, crisp, and muffins making your home away from home that much more comfortable and nurturing. 


Visit a Pumpkin Patch 


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 No matter how old you are, you are never too old to go to a pumpkin patch. Whether it be to buy the pumpkins to carve or for the perfect Instagram fall photo, they are always very fun and festive. Even while living in L.A in the middle of the city, there are still great big pumpkin patches that will remind you of the fall weather on the east coast. The one close to us that is most well known is called Mr. Bone’s Pumpkin Patch. They have endless activities including a corn maze, pumpkin decorating, and of course a pumpkin patch for picking your own. I recommend getting a big group of your friends and going, then making sure to carve them later that night!


Target Shopping  


Image result for fall home decor Something a little more low key but still just as fun as going to Target and browsing through the fall home decor! I was always that kid growing up that decorated their bedroom for each season because it made it feel that much more cozy and comfortable. This tradition hasn’t stopped now that I am living in my first apartment. Target has the cutest selection of small fall home decor that is perfect for decorating your apartment or dorm. Just a little pumpkin, fall throw blanket, fake leaves, or wreath here and there can really make your place here feel more like home! 


A Cozy Night In 


Image result for fall cozy night inWhile all of those excursions may sound fun and eventful, sometimes the best thing I need is for my dorm room/apartment to feel like fall. To fuel my craving for the fall air, I just simply need a pumpkin spiced candle, chili cooking in the crockpot, Halloweentown on the T.V, and the AC turned up really really really high. Forget about your utility bill just for the night, and instead, crank up your AC so that you can relish in the chill and thrill of the fall season!