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How The Drake Concert Changed My Life

Whether you remember blasting “Best I Ever Had” in middle school completely unaware of the implications this song conveyed or now shout “Why you gotta fight with me at Cheesecake?!” in the car every time “Childs Play” comes on the radio, Drake’s platinum albums or hit singles never fail to resurface a phase in your life. From So Far Gone to his days in Young Money to his 2016 record breaking album Views, whether you hopped on the Drake bandwagon now or remember his acting days as wheelchair Jimmy on Degrassi, this Canadian pop star has come a long way and is nothing short of a legend across the world.

We have once again reached the month of October, or Drake Appreciation Month as some might vouch for, I mean, he is October’s Very Own (OVO). Therefore, discussing how my past experience, enlightenment even, at Drake’s sold out Staples Center concert changed my life can definitely be deemed necessary. If Drake’s Take Care album didn’t capture your soul, if hearing his actual name, Aubrey Graham, doesn’t yank your heart out of your chest, or if you don’t find the memes about how Meek Mill is still the loser in every situation, then you may not necessarily understand the obsession this article depicts.

Arriving at the concert 2 hours early to wait in line at the box office behind a heard of scalpers, my best friends and I eagerly waited for a face value ticket knowing that standing there ticketless wasn’t our proudest moment in life. Despite the fans that break the bank for front row seats, I believe in my unwillingness to buy from a reseller online and taking a leap of faith with the box office system is nothing less than portrayal of my unwavering dedication to Drake’s music. However, I can attest that any seat at a Drake concert is fulfilling a life need.

“I go by the name of Drizzy Drake” were the only words he needed to say after erupting the stadium with “Summer Sixteen.” Needless to say the risk was worth it and our seats were more than enough. A flood of emotions left us all speechless after an incomparable performance. It was overwhelming, yet satisfying in the same instance. I could take up your entire day with the details of the performance and how I am hung up on an unrealistic love, but as a professional Drake fan I have the knowledge and ability to advise you on checking a Drake concert off your bucket list because he is only going to get older and more attractive (and if it is not on your bucket list, well, that’s another issue).

By: Anna Bybee

LMU Senior. Marketing Major/Studio Arts Minor. DG gal. Ms. Worldwide
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