The HORRORS of Living in a Five-Person Apartment

Two bedrooms, one bathroom, one kitchen, and five girls - a horror story waiting to happen. At least that’s what I thought when LMU stuck us in an on-campus apartment meant for only four people. My friends thought I was crazy to live in such a small apartment with so many girls, going as far as comparing it to a prison. With all the positive energy going around, I was anticipating some Lifetime movie level drama - where I would have nowhere to go and nowhere to hide when things inevitably took a turn for the worst. 

Before even moving in, I had prepared myself for all the worst-case scenarios - not even allowing myself to imagine the possibility of enjoying spending time with my roommates. Going into the arrangement only kind of knowing two of the four girls, I was scared that communication would be difficult as well as vibing well with my soon to be roommates.

Little did I know that within a week, five girls that didn’t know each other too well would make a small family. Cori, Zoe, Maddie, Gaby, and Christina - five girls that may have not gotten to know each other had it not been for living in small quarters. That is not to say that there won’t be problems along the way but like any family - we support each other and do it together with one main tool - communication. 

Despite only living together for a month, we have made it work through communicating throughout the summer and never letting anything go undiscussed. Both communication and respect are key factors for making the five-person living arrangement tolerable.

A month ago we all sat down and rewatched the very first season of The Office not really knowing much about each other. Now all I can say is the only drama we have dealt with is whether Dwight and Angela would make it out of The Office finally together and as we finished the final episode today I have so much love for all the women I live with. I can’t imagine having to live in a five-person apartment with any other people or tackling sophomore year without these girls.