Guide to Drugstore Cruelty Free Makeup Brands


Testing on animals is an ongoing issue in the cosmetics industry. Sadly, many brands still use animal testing instead of a safer alternative to test makeup. I have compiled a list of cruelty free brands so you don’t have to search the internet for hours. This list covers the most prominent makeup brands from drugstore, like CVS, Walgreens, Target, and Walmart, because us students can’t always afford a trip to Sephora.

e.l.f cosmetics


This brand is extremely affordable, but also very hit or miss with products. Most of their products range at $1 to $10. Their matte eyeshadow palettes and highlighters are dupes for expensive brands. e.l.f can be found in store and online at drugstores, their own shops, and ULTA.



Milani is another drugstore brand. Their price range is $5 to $20. This means they are on the pricier side of drugstore. Their lip and cheek products are best sellers. This brand is harder to find in stores, but is available at most drugstore websites. You can also find it on their website and ULTA.



Colourpop is mostly an online brand. Their products cost around $5 to $20. The more expensive items are typically bundles. You can only find this brand on their own website or at ULTA. Their lip products and eyeshadows are their bestsellers.


Wet N Wild

Wet N Wild is another cheap, but hit or miss brand. Their complexion products are the most popular. Their price range is about $3 to $10. You can find this brand at drugstores and ULTA.



NYX is a trickier cruelty free brand. The brand itself does not test on animals and is certified by PETA, but it is owned by L'Oreal which does test on animals. It is up to you to be the judge. That being said, NYX is one of the higher quality drugstore brands. The price range is about $4-$25. There definitely is variety in prices as well as products. NYX is best known for lip and eye products. It can be found at drugstores and ULTA.


Physicians Formula

Physicians Formula specializes in hypoallergenic makeup. It is on the pricier side of drugstore makeup with a range of $7-$15. Eye and cheek products are best sellers. This can be found at ULTA and other drugstores.


L.A. Girl

L.A. Girl is also a harder brand to find.  You will have the best luck finding it online. The brand has dupes for many higher end brands. Their price range is $3-$10. You can find the brand at ULTA as well as drugstore websites.