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A Girly Girl’s Guide to Dressing for Fall in LA

Leaves scatter the pavement in crisp orange, golden yellow and cinnamon red forming ambiguous patterns with their curved edges and haphazard descent back to Earth. The crisp autumn breeze carries the scent of salted caramel and pumpkin spice through the air as your bundled up in your cosiest- whoops reality check. Let’s rewind a bit here because that scenario may be true in any other corner of the country but in sunny Southern California “sweater weather” in October is just non-existent. To give you a little context for this, the forecast for the upcoming reach ranges in temperatures from 77 degrees Fahrenheit to 88 degrees Fahrenheit. Fall does not truly hit LA until November and even then we would be lucky if it got to the low 60s. So if you haven’t gotten the memo (at least for the first set of outfits while the weather is blazing), realistically, sweaters are a no go.

However, I’ve come to the conclusion that a fall staple (at least for the week) is a jeans jacket. It completes any outfit giving just the perfect finishing touch to add a spice of fall to a more casual ensemble together with all the frill and floral. So, what follows are some ideas I have put together for staying cool while keeping your girly class in the autumn heat. It’s my spin on a summer fall collision complete with layers, accessories summer colors that can double as that day to night transition for seasons in the blazing autumn sun.

Floral Dress + Taupe Hat + Jeans Jacket + Taupe Booties: A classic go-to outfit with a floral dress that adds a little glimmer of summer into the warm colors of fall

Taupe Hat + Patterned Print Pink Pastel + Yellow Skirt + Taupe Booties: I get it- usually the pop of yellow is synonymous with sun and summer but in this context, the caramel and floral combination pulls together the look with a peak of summer beneath the interchangeable fall cover.

Taupe Hat + Jeans Jacket+ Pastel Pink Shirt + Patterned Trousers + Taupe Booties: Not too over the top girly, but it incorporates a new autumn color of pastel pink into a thin pair of pants together with an over the shoulder jeans jacket.  

Taupe Booties + Green Peplum Blouse + Jeans Jacket: This one is a more simpler look that incorporates the warm green and floral, but to add a little more glamour to it I would wear it with a black statement necklace.

Taupe Booties + Black and White Skirt + Yellow Blouse + Jeans Jacket: Sticking with the pop of yellow for summer theme, I added it as a key summer ensemble with an interchangeable summer fall color that serves as the perfect fit with the denim staple.  

Want more ideas? The girly girl next door styles not really your thing? Stick with me weekly for different outfits for your kind of style whether it be boho, edgy, preppy or anything else you can think of. You’ll never have to waste an hour of your day thinking about what to wear for the week any longer because all you’ll need to do is just click and scroll through my future updates.

By: Catheryn Mallari

Her Campus LMU
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