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The FOMO Problem

FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is a problem that affects many. If that feeling you get of anxiety, nervousness, and regret bundled into one unbearably-difficult-to-deal- with mood when there’s a chance you’re missing out on something sounds familiar, FOMO is something you need to overcome. Don’t fret, friend – it’s not hard to do! As with most things, practice makes perfect. The sooner you face your FOMO problem, the easier it will be to deal with and – eventually – overcome.

Scenario 1: You’re in bed on a Friday night, binge-watching Netflix and eating Skinny Pop by the handfuls. You’re comfortable and content with life, but this feeling won’t last long: it’s a Friday night. If you stayed where you are, you’d be MISSING OUT. The horror! “Going out” on a Friday night to various houses and having too much fun, socializing with everyone, taking lots of pictures (no pictures, no proof!), and waking up Saturday morning wanting nothing more than a gallon of water sound appealing? If so, you social butterfly, you, FOMO is very much a real thing you suffer from.

Missing out on something with lots of people and opportunities for Snapchats, Instagrams, or a new profile picture on Facebook is something you’re just not down with. Being social is great, but take a step back (or a night in) more often and see just how great life on the “Dark Side” (for you, the it’s filled with introverts and the fear of becoming a crazy cat lady) can be. It will take time, but there will come a night when – from your bed, binge-watching Netflix and eating Skinny Pop – you can scroll through your various social media feeds, see pictures of what you’re “missing out” on, and smile (maybe even like a picture or two) knowing you’ll be ok – not dead from social suicide – in the morning.

Scenario 2: You’re in bed with Netflix and Skinny Pop. Again, you’re comfortable and content. You can hear your roommates blasting Enrique Iglesias, and the scent of Elnett and sweet perfume makes you want to watch an episode of Toddlers & Tiaras, which you just might do once you catch up on Scandal. You realize that the clinks of drinks and dings from iPhones are surprising melodic sounds, and are heard when you take off your headphones and enter the real world every time an episode ends. “Come out with us!” and “I’m going out, text me if you need an address!” are tempting, but you, you introvert, you, are just fine spending the night solo. You might invite a friend or two to join in on your kind of fun, but it depends on the night. You do not have FOMO, and are just fine with the concept of alone time.

Now, going out every now and then is fun and socializing is healthy. If you had your dream night of Netflix and Skinny Pop every Friday night, I’d say make a profile on eHarmony while you’re at it. (Ok, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch.) In any case, your ability to not mind “missing out” on what could be the ‘greatest night of your life’ (ha) shows maturity and a strong sense of self. You can start your Saturday morning off on the right foot, unless you went a little too hard on those Scandal episodes and were up until 3am, and not suffer from regret. There will always be Friday nights, so you’re fine. (Just don’t stay in for all of them.)

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