Five Reasons to watch GoT instead of doing homework

Finals Season or The Final Season?


Caution, the following story may contain *SPOILERS* and some terrible advice. But for the 99.9% of the population who bonded through this hiatus, the wait is over, and the final season of Game of Thrones is here. Yes, crunch time for final exams and last minute papers is upon us, but just for a few upcoming Sundays, sparing just an hour and a half of your time to join the rest of the world as that fateful theme song plays, should not put you too far off your course of studying. So, why is ditching your studies condoned only for Game of Thrones?


#1: The hiatus lasted five hundred and ninety five days.

Do you know how many things can happen in 595 days? Not only is that literally almost two years of sitting on top of the knowledge that Jon hooked up with his aunt and we all just kind of let him, but also two years’ worth of theories flying around your head and your Twitter feed. Patience is a virtue, my friends, so for those who lasted the hiatus, the time is now to congratulate yourself. Out of 595 days, I think your studies can spare you just one.


#2: It’s a family affair.

Season 8 includes the highly anticipated continuation of the Stark Reunion we’ve all been waiting for -- or at least what’s left of the Starks. At first glance, GoT may not be renowned for its touchy-feely atmosphere, but I’ll be honest -- tears were shed when Arya saw Jon five seasons, several battles, multiple stab wounds, and many faces later. The “Stark” reunion is short lived, but I’m excited for Winterfell’s favorite siblings to get the revenge they (and we) have all been waiting for. So pack up your homework, grab a loved one, and savor as many heartwarming moments as you can.


#3: There will be blood.

It’s a sad admittance, but it’s true...characters are going to die. Probably most of them. Like Infinity War but on a lot of steroids. We may only have six episodes -- scratch that, maybe even one or two episodes left --  with some of our beloved heroes and villains. Character deaths typically sting more than any bad test grade or research paper, anyway. There’s no good in good bye but if GoT has taught us anything about loyalty, we have a duty to see them out. It’s only fair, right?


#4: Fan tested, Thrones approved?

One of the many things that get fans of most shows or films through the brutality of hiatus is the beloved, often crazy, but oh-so-emotionally-stimulating theories. The Game of Thrones experience wouldn’t coin its iconicism without the intricate writing that simply forces us fans to come up with the most out-of-this world ideas, because as past seasons have proven, some ideas really aren’t too out-of-this-world. Don’t you want to see if you’re right? Or if that stranger’s crazy post on Reddit indeed comes true? Who is the Night King? Is Cersei really preggers? Who’s going to tell Bran that (no offense) he’s kinda wack now? Imagine the utter satisfaction that all of your grand predictions to these questions and more come true. Perhaps after that you’d think yourself intellectual enough to finish the paper due after the episode.


#5: Literally if you can’t watch it for any other reasons just watch the season to find out who wins the Game of Thrones.

It’s the title, y’all. 595 days ago began the journey of sitting on the greatest cliffhanger ever. 6 episodes, a million questions, and hopefully, all the answers. The game is coming to an end and there’s actually going to be a winner. So watch it, just do it. Jump on the bandwagon -- it’s actually one of the cool ones to be on.


**Disclaimer: In finishing up this article I realize most of you probably didn’t need me to convince you why you should stop studying and watch Game of Thrones -- you knew that anyway. Enjoy the season!