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Five Lessons to Live By

It can happen when your hair is brushed and braided when you sit down and the dinner table, and in almost any other everyday scenario you can think of. From the moment you are born, your family tries to instill as many “life lessons” into you as they possibly can. Using their own life experiences, parents relay the biggest lessons they’ve learned in life to their children, in hopes that their kids will see why it’s important to value the things they learn. Read on for some little life lessons that were taught to me and that I still treasure to this day. 


1. Treat others the way you want to be treated. 


This is to be said the “golden rule” by many adults and wow are they right. In a world where hate crimes and prejudice are ever-growing, it’s in small acts of kindness that we can make someone smile or helping them in certain aspects of their life. Be kind, be helpful, and go put those smiles on people’s faces. 


2. Challenges make you stronger Whether the challenge is getting a bad grade on an exam you studied hours for, or living for years with a knee problem that has to be fixed with “an intense surgery”, you’ll get stronger. Your test scores will improve and that knee of yours will heal and be good as new. Overcome every challenge you face with this mentality and a smile, and that roadblock will be long behind you in no time at all. 


3. Knowledge is valuable beyond measure 


People often say that if everything was taken away from you, you would still have one thing: your knowledge. The things that are in your head are yours and yours alone. So, grow in your knowledge always and never forget how important and powerful your mind truly is. 


4. Walk through life with your chin up and your shoulders back 

Confidence is said to be the thing that can help people get farthest in life. No matter your abilities and no matter your skills, if you have a little bit of confidence in yourself, you’ll get to where you need and want to be. 


5. You have the ability to do anything 

My family has always said that with a little bit of confidence, optimism, and hard work you can achieve your greatest dreams. They also say that if achieving your dream is a process, it’s a process that’s meant to be somewhat scary. If you aren’t scared of the hardships on your journey towards accomplishing your goals, then you must dream bigger. 


I'm Simona and I'm from Los Angeles! I am double majoring in Political Science and Psychology. Outside of school, I love going out with friends, traveling, and going on spontaneous adventures.
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