The First Week at a new Internship as told by Kris Jenner

With the start of a new semester, for many that also means the start of a new internship. While it’s exciting, for me the first week at a new job is always on of the most stressful. From trying to remember everyone’s names to learning new programs, it can be overwhelming. Whenever I am feeling stressed, I turn to my number one trusted source: Kris Jenner.


Walking into the office on your first day:


15 minutes in:


Giving yourself advice because you have no idea what you’re doing:


After surviving day one:


Being introduced to 7 more people:

(at this point you don’t even know your name, let alone anyone else’s)


Trying to bond with your new co-workers:


When you actually do something correctly on the first try:


Talking to your mom on the phone a few days in:


Leaving the office on Friday:


Monday mood now that you’ve got the hang of it: