Fall Shows to Watch this Fall to put you in a Cozy Mood

If you’re anything like me, you love getting sucked into a good show to binge watch. Nothing puts me in a cozier mood than finding a show I haven’t yet seen, or re-watching one of my favorite shows (any others out there who love to re-watch good shows as much as me?). Look below to check out some of the best shows to watch when you’re craving a cozy, autumnal night in.




-Full House

-Baby Daddy

-Young & Hungry

-The Mick


Drama/Dramedy (Drama + Comedy):

-Freaks and Geeks

-Friday Night Lights

-Gilmore Girls


-One Tree Hill

-Pretty Little Liars


-The Vampire Diaries

-Gossip Girl



-Stranger Thing


-Chef’s Table

-The Great British Bake Off

-Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

Comedy Classics:

-The Office

-Parks and Recreation

-Bob’s Burgers

-Broad City


-Master of None


-Better Things

-My Name is Earl


-That 70’s Show


-Malcolm in the Middle

-An Idiot Abroad


-Planet Earth

-Frozen Planet

-Bob Ross