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Eyebrow Makeup For Blonde Girls: How to Fill in Blonde Eyebrows

If you’re a natural blonde, you know the blonde eyebrow struggle. With with full and dark eyebrow icons like Cara Delevingne and Hailee Steinfeld dominating the industry, it can seem like a hopeless battle for those of us whose eyebrows are so blonde they completely disappear in photographs. However, with a few simple steps and a little bit of effort you can have the brows of your dreams!

Step 1: Shape

Just because you can’t see the hairs, it doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Clean up your brows by getting them threaded, waxed or if you’re feeling confident, go at it with some tweezers. Just make sure you know when to stop!  

Step 2: Add some color

This step is optional as some brows are darker than others, but if yours are translucent like mine, adding color can make a world of difference. Make sure you trust the person who is dying your brows, and know that this is probably not a DIY project unless you are VERY experienced with hair dyes.

Step 3: Choose your pencil/tool of choice

While dying your brows may be enough for some, if you are looking for an even more filled out look, having a brow pencil on hand is great. I have a few personal favorites:

1. Kevyn Aucoin Precision Brow Pencil ($26)

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz ($21)

3. Laura Mercier Eyebrow Pencil ($24)

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