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Dogs back in the White House? The ulti-mutt First Dogs

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at LMU chapter.

As the Biden’s settle into their new life and home, they are accomplishing an integral task: reintroducing canine colleagues to the White House. Previous President Trump was the first president since William McKinley (1897) to not bring a furry companion during his presidency. After this rare four-year animal absence, President Biden is bringing dogs back to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue — and I hope you are as dog-gone excited as I am!


Pets have accompanied countless presidents as they lead our country. From Calvin Coolidge’s raccoon Rebecca, to Teddy Roosevelt’s snakes, birds, and guinea pigs, pets have constantly kept the oval office occupied.


As for the newest presidential pups, Champ and Major Biden will provide much-needed support and care as President Biden and Dr. Jill Biden undertake their administrative duties. The Bidens adopted Champ in 2008 as a puppy while they were moving into the vice president’s residence. A former Vice-Dog, Champ is no stranger to the duties of a White House companion.


Their newest addition, Major, will be the first shelter dog to inhabit the White House. President Biden adopted the German shepherd two years ago from the Delaware Humane Association, an animal shelter from his home state. Major Biden’s “wags to riches” story is an inspiration to humans and rescue dogs alike. To celebrate the hound’s incredible feat, the Delaware Humane Association hosted an “Indoguration Party” for Major earlier this month. Adorable!


The pups are already adapting to, and enjoying, their unique role in the White House. First Lady Jill Biden’s press secretary told CNN, “Champ is enjoying his new dog bed by the fireplace, and Major loved running around on the South Lawn.” The pair of German shepherds have already made headlines for their barking during meetings — they have a lot of input!


The First Lady also hinted in recent interviews the pair is looking for a cat to bring into the White House. I say the more the merrier!  

Mia Grunburg is a sophomore journalism major at Loyola Marymount University.
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