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Do you have a goal or even a couple of goals? Can you name them? Can you explain them? Can you see where that goal will take you? Those are often questions that get lost in the midst of reaching our goals. I am definitely guilty of this and am still working to have a clear conception as to what it is that I am trying to accomplish. There are also things that stand in the way. Feelings, people, habits, places, etc. that hinder our ability to think that we can accomplish our goals. Those aren’t really setbacks though. Those are excuses, and that’s the biggest thing that gets in the way of our hopes and dreams. As soon as we can let those go, we will notice that these things start to unfold right in front of us. 


As humans, goals are the product of our success in life. Without a goal, or multiple goals, you will not be successful, and that is the cold hard truth. I’m not saying successful as in rich or famous. I mean successful as in fulfilled. Accomplishing our goals brings joy, happiness, excitement, and even motivation to reach higher than our original intentions. Goals are my favorite thing to think about – big goals, small goals, “in the moment goals,” and even lifetime goals that persist every day from the moment you wake up, to the moment you go back to bed. They all matter.


Sometimes, those goals can also bring us down. They can make us question ourselves and our human abilities when they don’t always go the right way. It’s almost as if that goal seems goal-less, and that is the total opposite of what we are trying to accomplish. I question every single day if what I’m doing is actually getting me to where I want to be, but what I forget is that things don’t happen overnight. Sometimes, they don’t even happen in a couple of months or years. We live in a society that is so used to immediate satisfaction that we expect things to happen so quickly, and what’s even worse is that we expect things to happen for us when we often aren’t even putting in as much effort as we think.


To not have such a “goal-less” goal, we have to actually take the actions to reach it. The mind and the body are two separate things. They go hand in hand, but they also have two different jobs. When we want to reach our goals, we have to push further than the mind. We can plan, meditate, manifest, and think all we want. That is actually a huge part of what helps us to have a clearer vision of our goals, but what makes them come to life is our actions. It’s the physical act of pushing toward that goal that is going to help us actually reach them. It’s waking up even on days where it feels impossible and finding a way to discipline our bodies in the sense that shapes the next step that we take. That discipline will over time become a habit, and that continuous momentum driving you to keep going will help you reach your destination –  whatever, and whenever that may be. If you do just one thing a day in relation to that goal, you ARE getting closer. I promise. 


I think that we are often defeated by those that already seem to have reached their goals. I know that my goal was to create a blog and a fitness website that could influence and impact others, but what kept me from actually doing it was that others out there already were seemingly one step ahead. What you have to understand though is that those people that we look up to often started in the exact same spot that we did. The crazy truth is that those people had just as many fears and doubts that we might have right now, but what separated them from you is the fact that they actually did it. Now, I’m not telling you to drop everything you’re doing and just go for it. What I’m saying is to keep going. Keep planning. Keep exploring. Keep creating, and keep pushing on toward that goal of yours because I promise you that once you finally feel ready, it will be that much easier for you to go for it, just like those that inspire us did too. 


Overall, the key to losing that feeling of a goal-less goal is to GO for that goal in its full integrity. Notice that the word “go” is literally embedded in the word goal. Whatever your goal is, I want you to nurture it, focus on it, and reach it. Through patience, persistence, and passion, nothing is impossible. Chances are that if we have a goal, then we are passionate about it, and passion drives us further than any setback that we could ever endure.  

Journalism major at Loyola Marymount University // Health and wellness
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