A Day Trip Guide to Malibu

Another break, another holiday!

I can’ t be more excited for easter break as we all knew that we just need a break from everything on college, right?

As this easter break is quite short, but I still want to relax and have fun, I decided to have a day trip to Malibu (1 hr away from LA) which is not really far but yet we all can still have fun, relax & enjoy our holiday

If you guys wanted to take a break from LA and wanted to went out of town, I highly suggest to take a day-trip outside LA and probably a few guides to Malibu will be helpful for you all! :)  

  1. Beach

Malibu is home for beaches there were lots of beaches along the pacific high coast way, even some hotels did have a direct access to beach (usually from their back gates). This time, I went to Malibu Beach and it was such a lovely weather. The beach is very clean and not that crowded, which is really perfect to enjoy the breeze and relax!

  1. Malibu Pier

Malibu pier is different than any other pier that I ever seen, the pier is not really that big         and is home to Malibu Farm Restaurants & Cafe and a small souvenir and surfing shops.

I highly recommended to come do a reservation for Malibu Farm Restaurant,  as it was     always crowded as the space was not really big, there is a indoor & outdoor seats which is really cool! Sadly, I didn’t got a chance to visit the restaurant, but the Cafe was really nice. Try the outdoor seats o enjoy watching birds and the pier view!

The place is also very aesthetic in my opinion, where if you guys like to take cute pictures it will be a very ‘Insta-worthy’ picture! 

  1. Malibu Country Mart

Need a quick shopping? Malibu Country Mart is a premier outdoor location for  shopping, dining, and relaxing. The location was just a few miles away from the beach which is walking distance and a really nice place to visit. (P.S : some Hollywood celebs like to hang here!!)