Día de los Muertos Decorations for Your Dorm

By Sarah Mockel

Día de los Muertos began the night of Friday, November 1st and lasted through Saturday November 2nd. Celebrating the lives of loved ones who have passed is a time-honored tradition. However, it can be difficult to find the time and the materials to celebrate and create your own ofrenda. Don’t worry! There are still ways to create your own, dorm safe ofrenda - so you can properly celebrate the life and legacy of those you love and miss.

First you need to find a place for your ofrenda like a small part of your desk, or a shelf. Once you have found that, here’s what you can do to create your ofrenda.

1.     Pictures

A staple of any ofrenda includes pictures of your family that has passed. A simple and easy way of bringing your family to college is by printing out pictures of them and taping them up on your wall. However, if you cannot find pictures of your family members, you can also find images of objects that represent them and their legacy. This way, you can be reminded of your family and the impact they’ve made in your life.

2.     Food and Drink

The copious amount of food that’s on a typical ofrenda can take up a ton of space - this can be a bit challenging when you’re living in a dorm room. A good way to keep the space in your room and provide food and drink to those visiting from the afterlife is by getting the smaller versions of drinks they used to love. And smaller servings of the food they loved is another good thought. However, when doing this, keep in mind the types of food you will be putting out (just in case there’s anything that might attract bugs).

3.     Candles

Real candles often times aren’t allowed inside a dorm room, but you can get some cute jars or containers and put some fake candles in - to provide the light for your ofrenda.

4.     Marigolds

You can also go to a flower shop or browse the flower section of your local grocery store for marigold flowers to decorate your ofrenda with. It will help guide the spirits of your ancestors to you while also brightening up your dorm room. 

Día de los Muertos is a day to remember your family and friends who have passed and is a day to take time to reflect on their life and legacy. Through creating an ofrenda and decorating your dorm room, your ancestors will easily find their way back to you!