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By Kennedy Smith

I believe that having curly hair is one of my biggest blessings. Nothing makes me feel more confident than my curls! However, my curly hair is also one of the biggest struggles and pains I have to deal with. I can’t have it all right?! So, for anyone else like me, I have some tips and tricks to make sure your curls are ALWAYS on point!


1. Two words: Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has changed my life for the better! It’s literally a miracle worker! It hydrates your hair, giving your locks a natural glow and bounce! My go-to shampoo and conditioner is the Ogx coconut curls line! It leaves my hair incredibly luscious and soft!


2. When in doubt, DON’T brush it out!

If your hair looks frizzy or problematic in any way, all I want to say is: do NOT brush it out. You will not have good results. Brushing dry curls only creates frizz, so brushing it will present a bigger issue than you started with. My go-to hairdo whenever my curls aren’t cooperating is a ponytail with one of my favorite scrunchies-super cute AND effortless.\


3. Tee Shirts > Towels

    I just discovered this tip a few weeks ago and let me tell you, IT MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE! Drying your hair with a tee shirt instead of a towel reduces the amount of frizz in your hair when you go to style it! Using a towel makes everything else so much easier! Try it out!


 4. Embrace it!!!

    The best trick to handling your curls is simply embracing them! Years ago, I would go to any extent not showcase my curls. Now, after a little bit more self love and knowledge about curly hair care, my curls are by far my favorite feature! It’s easier to embrace what you have rather than change it. Do whatever you have to do to love your hair! Cut it, dye it, style it, whatever! Believe it or not, the styling options for curly hair are endless! Learning to love your curls is a process, but the end result is so rewarding!


I'm an avid lover of dancing, sushi, and musicals! In five years, I'll either be on Broadway, in your next favorite movie, or teaching!
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