Collin Boppell '17

This week's Campus Cutie is Southern California native, Colin Boppell. You may recognize him from his performance at this years Fallapalooza, or maybe you’ve seen him walking around campus with a huge smile on his face (something he seems to never leave home without). In our short interview with him, we discovered what a truly hilarious guy he is. Next time you catch him at the 3rd story U-Hall drinking fountain, make sure to stop and say hi because he will have you literally “ROFL”-ing.

Name: Colin Boppell

Year: Sophomore

Major: Recording Arts

Hometown: Tustin, California

Relationship Status: Wolfpack of One

Involvement on campus: Sigma Chi, NoteTorious

Favorite spot on campus: 3rd story U-Hall drinking fountain

Describe yourself in three words: altruistic, garrulous, ruminative

Fun fact that most people don’t know about you: When I was in preschool, my mom made me take ballet lessons, and ever since then whenever I get in trouble she threatens to post the pictures on Facebook.

Do you have a “type”? If so what is it?: I definitely have a type. I'm blood type AB.

Any deal breakers? A criminal record

What would be your perfect date? First, we jump on a trampoline. Then we choose a victim and turn their skin blue and hair orange like in Big Fat Liar. Then we celebrate with some victory Chipotle.

Dream job: I would love to be an astronaut. I heard somewhere that astronauts can grow up to 3 inches while they're in space. So that way when I got back from space I could finally be 6 feet tall!

Favorite song to sing: I would say probably "Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?" from Frozen, but only the version where parents film their toddlers trying to sing it

What is the number one item on your bucket list? Don't die.

Quote you live by: There are no good girls gone bad, only bad girls found out.