Cats of Greece

From the picturesque blue domes to the smooth olive oil, Greece is famous for many things. However, one of the lesser-known curiosities of Greece include the cats that inhabit the island. Cats have inhabited the isles of Greece for many, many years. Some view the cats as a type of vermin or, in other words, things that need to be cleared off the streets. However, others find the local cats to be a part of Greece's identity and cultural community, believing that they are animals that deserve to be taken care of. There also exist many groups that spay/neuter any cats they come across, to control the population of stray cats. 

On my trip to Greece this summer, I made it a point to collect photos of all of the cats I came across. I stayed in Athens and Naxos, and also visited Mykonos and Delos. Below are a few of my favorite shots, but if you follow this link, you can view all of the photos I captured on my vacation.