Campus Profile: Shay Aljadeff

Name: Shay Aljadeff

Year: Sophomore

Major: Theater Arts

Hometown: Chicago, IL

What Brought you to LMU: The fact that I could go to school and pursue acting in LA.

What are you involved in on campus:  I am in Alpha Phi, and due to filming in Chicago nothing else.

How did you get into acting: I started with soap operas as a little girl and just kind of got thrown into it.

How did you get your role on Chicago Med: I got an audition call to play a medical student but I had work and didn't see the point in auditioning for the role, the next day my casting agent said she had got an extension so I sent in a tape and heard I got the role in the next 24 hours.

Is it hard to play this character: Yes it is hard to play my character, Dr. Leah Bardovi since she is a 29 year old medical student I am constantly learning and being exposed to new things and terms I am not exposed to in my daily life.

What are your goals for acting in the future: Since most the roles I have booked are for older characters, I would love to play someone my age, someone youthful more like myself.

Fun Fact:  I can eat pickles with peanut butter at an aggressive rate.