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Campus Cutie: Nico Gomez

This week’s Campus Cutie is undoubtedly one of the funniest guys on campus. We hear he can make a mean Oreo Freeze, so make sure to check him out in the Lion’s Den because we know we are!

Name: Nico Gomez

Hometown: Whittier, CA

Age: 19

Year: Sophomore

Major: Business Management and Economics

Relationship Status: I go to the movies by myself, if that’s what you’re asking.

What are you involved in on campus? Beta Theta Pi fraternity, MESA, Art Club, El Espejo, Lion’s Den barista

Favorite movie: Fight Club

Favorite food: Waffles

What would be your ideal date? Chick-fil-a on the beach followed by a concert

Biggest turn on: Same taste in music, sense of humor, can dance as much as I can

Celebrity crush: Mila Kunis

Fun fact: I resemble a koala. I can wiggle my ears. I can also sing all the lyrics to sexy back by Justin Timberlake

Most embarrassing moment: In middle school, I was changing in the classroom after P.E. and the rest of my class and teacher walked in. Scarred for life. Always look both ways before taking your pants off in a classroom.

A Cleveland, Ohio native, Kaitlin is a senior English Major at Loyola Marymount University. 
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