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Campus Celebrity: Kimberly Chapman

This week’s Campus Celebrity has got soul. Not only does she work at SoulCycle, but she is true to herself – knowing what she likes and does not like, and acting accordingly – and has a positive attitude that is contagious. Senior Kimberly Chapman took the time to tell us about herself, her jobs, some of her favorite college memories (thus far), and some fun facts. 

I realized that I needed to be in a more active and positive work environment after an unsatisfying office internship for the first half of the summer. I have a lot of experience with fitness and customer service, so SoulCycle was pretty much the perfect job for me. I started there in July and ended up having the best summer of my life!

My favorite part about my job is the people I get to interact with. For one, my coworkers are absolutely AMAZING. I work with such a loving and fun staff that sometimes I don’t even feel like I am working. Also, the people that come in to ride are all very friendly. Workout/gym environments are usually like that since endorphins are flowing and people are feeling good. Overall, the studio just has a really contagious positive energy! I am also obsessed with SoulCycle and the workout, so it is really cool to promote something to others that I really believe in. It has given me way more confidence.

In addition to my job, I also love being Lambda Chi’s sweetheart. Being to represent my sorority and the fraternity in this way is probably the coolest thing to have happened to me in college. I get to represent the best guys I know, and they have already made my senior year so fun, and a little crazy! I am looking forward to the upcoming events: Pumpkin Smash, formals, and more. My favorite memory in college was definitely when I found out I was sweetheart. They came into DG chapter and I was just surrounded with all of my favorite people – it was the best.

I have been so busy this school year, and academic classes are not even the hard part. I have so many extra curricular positions this year (a VP position in Delta Gamma, a Greek Week football captain, SoulCycle, a job at The Loft) that it can be hard to schedule everything out. But I am only doing activities that I love to do. I am a big believer in stopping something that makes you truly unhappy. I get really sad when I have the same routine every day, so even though it can be overwhelming at times, it is good for me to have a mixed up schedule of things that I enjoy.

I am looking forward to getting to know new people and making more memories with my best friends. I have met so many new friends this year, which I can probably thank The Loft for (my favorite place on campus).  I have the coolest people in my life, and I just want to keep hanging with them! Hit me up, people!

Fun Facts:

·      I just got a kitten and she is the best thing to ever happen to me, haha. I am obsessed with her!

·      My favorite food is… mac and cheese.

·      My favorite movie is… Bridesmaids.

·      My favorite song is… “Sorry,” by Justin Bieber.

·      My favorite workout is… cycling at SoulCycle, of course!! Tapback pushup, sexy corners, around the world forever and ever. 


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