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Campus Celebrity: Hannah Calton

By: Anna Bybee

Hannah Calton is well deserving of this week’s Campus Celebrity as she shines bright in all aspects of her life. The busyness of her life never stops her from mentoring to others, serving the community, and being the best teammate she can be! Here’s Hannah Calton:


Year: Junior

Major: Communications

High school: Granite Bay High School in NorCal

What are you involved in? 

I am on the swim team here at LMU. I am also the president of Athletes in Action. I do YoungLife at home during the summers as a leader. I also go to the Well service on campus and Women’s Group as well. I am a Student Athlete mentor and a Comm Studies mentor.

Tell us about the Conference Award you just won for swimming?

I won athlete of the week for our PCSC conference. I won the 200 Fly, I was part of the relay that won, I got second in the 100 Fly, and I got second in the 200 Free.

What made you want to start/get involved with the Athletes in Action club?

Well, I am already involved in the Christian community of LMU, so I really wanted to get more involved in the athletic community. I heard about Fellowship of Christian Athletes and wanted to get Athletes in Action established on campus. I got connected with some athletes who had been involved in these foundations before to come together and make this happen. We’ve been going for about 5 weeks and I am super excited about it!

What’s your favorite part of being an athlete on campus?

I love traveling. We have been so blessed with our opportunities to travel with this team; we got to go to Alaska to swim twice now. Also, we traveled to Florida to play. I just love being a part of a team. I automatically had a group of friends starting freshman year because of swim. These girls are so encouraging and I love have upperclassmen teammates to help me out too.

How do you balance between swim and studies?

Managing my time more by planning out my week. I always make sure to get enough sleep for my practices so I sometimes do homework in the morning.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I hope to be married and starting a family and have an established career. I really want to travel out of college too and get experiences under my belt. I could see myself coaching or being involved in swimming somehow because I do love the sport.

What music do you listen to before games?

Anything that makes my teammates and me get up and dance! We have all kinds of playlists.


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