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Campus Celebrity: David Tassone

David Tassone is the kid on campus that you need to get to know ASAP. Not only is he arguably one of the most involved and friendly people at school, but he is also running for ASLMU president for the 2015-2016 academic year. David, a Finance and Economics double major, has held a leadership role within ASLMU during every single one of his semesters on campus. He is a fourth generation LMU student who was born and raised right here in Los Angeles. David is the definition of a true Lion.

Why are you running for ASLMU president?

“I have always dreamed about running for ASLMU President since my freshman year. I vividly remember awkwardly bringing up the topic to Andriana Ricchiuti (Vice Presidential Candidate) within the first few weeks of being selected to serve as first-year senators together.  From the beginning of freshman year to now, we have worked side-by-side with the goal to become ASLMU President and Vice President. My goal is to make a positive difference in this world. During my time in college, I have had numerous opportunities to serve the LMU community– including my time as an ASLMU Senator, FYR retreat leader, and a Resident Advisor for East Quad and the Leavey 4/O’Malley Apartments.  I believe that the ASLMU President has the opportunity to make a lasting impact on the LMU campus; therefore, I am running for ASLMU President because I plan to create a welcoming environment that values the students’ voice and opinion.”

What has been your experience in ASLMU been so far?

“During my freshman and sophomore year, I served as an ASLMU Senator–advocating for student concerns and creating a dialogue for clubs and organizations.  Currently, I serve as the ASLMU Director of Marketing and Distribution where I create marketing plans to facilitate communication between the different branches of ASLMU as well as advertise for many on-campus events.”

What have been some highlights of your ASLMU career?

“Two highlights during my terms as senator was the ASLMU Toga Basketball game and the Save the Back Gates Campaign. As senators, we wanted to provide student incentives for individuals who typically do not attend athletic events. So, I decided to organize a Crimson Toga Basketball Game. The event was a huge success and I hope to instill many more fun and creative ideas to enhance school spirit. In regards to the Save the Back Gates Campaign, City Councilman Mike Bonin proposed to shut down the back gates to solve LMU’s parking problem in the local neighborhood. On behalf of the student body, ASLMU started a movement by standing outside the gates so the community would understand the negative effects of closing the back gates. ASLMU Senate wrote a proposition to President Burcham to declare how the students felt as a whole. President Burcham agreed with ASLMU and the entire student body that closing the back gates would not be the right course of action in order to solve the neighborhood parking problem.”

What advice do you have for someone who is curious about getting involved with ASLMU?  

“ASLMU has numerous opportunities available for students to get involved. I recommend applying to become a director or committee member for any chance to get involved. This experience reaps so many benefits for one’s time at LMU and beyond.”

What are some of your other interests other than ASLMU?

“I’m involved in a variety of clubs and organizations on campus–including resident advisor, Ignatians Service Organization, ASLMU…the list goes on. Outside of my involvements on campus, I love running. I was an all-state sprinter in high school and love running anywhere and everywhere.  Running allows me to get away from all of the chaos that life brings and focus on myself for a period of time.  In addition, I love swimming and biking.  Last year I trained for the Hermosa Beach Triathlon and ended up getting 1st in my age division!  Ever since then I try to rotate my workouts between running, swimming, and biking.”

How did your recent study abroad experiences influence you?

“This past year, I studied abroad in South Korea and China and then spent a semester in Florence, Italy travelling to ten different countries during my time there. Before studying abroad, I stressed about wanting to know everything that would happen in the future. However, after studying abroad and realizing that not everything in life goes according to plan (like bed bugs in Amsterdam for instance), I have been at peace knowing that there is a plan for me–I just do not know exactly what it is yet.”

If you were stranded on an island with only one other person, who would you choose?

“I would choose my younger sister, Alyssa. Growing up, we went through a lot together and if I had to spend a lot of time with one person, I couldn’t think of anyone more perfect than her.”  

Check out David’s campaign page here!

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