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The Best Snacks from Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s is one of the most popular grocery stores today, due to its unique products, low prices, and superior frozen meals. I am personally a huge fan of a majority of what the store has to offer, from fresh produce to healthy snacks. If you are unfamiliar with Trader Joe’s, or just haven't had the time to really explore all the snack options, keep reading! I’m going to share my favorite, go-to snack foods from TJ’s that I think everyone should try!


1. Peanut Butter Pretzels

If you love both peanut butter AND pretzels, then this is the perfect snack for you. They come in both salted and unsalted options and are addicting. Each bag comes with lots of pretzels, so you are getting a lot for your buck.


2. Roasted Plantain Chips

These chips are everything. Crunchy, salty (but not too salty), and so tasteful. They come in a variety of flavors, such as: original and jerk-style.

[bf_image id="kmr96pnh379jphkqbg46h3bs"]

3. Just Mango Slices

These mango slices are definitely the most popular dried-fruit option that TJ sells. They have sweetened and unsweetened packages, so you can snack on whichever one you prefer! These are perfect to fulfill a sweet-tooth craving!


4. Gone Bananas!

These little frozen banana slices covered in dark chocolate are the perfect dessert for any banana and chocolate lover! So many slices come in a package, which is really nice. Also, the dark chocolate actually tastes more like milk chocolate (in my opinion), so don’t let the dark chocolate turn you away from this snack.


5. Chili and Lime Flavored Rolled Corn Tortilla Chips

And last, but definitely not least, is my favorite TJ’s (and maybe even ever) snack of all time. These tortilla chips heavily resemble Takis, but with more of a lime flavor. The texture of the chip provides a perfect crunch - I can seriously eat a whale bag of these in one sitting (yikes). If you were to try any of the snacks on this list today, PLEASE try these.

Happy TJ’s Shopping!

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