Being Vegetarian on Campus (It’s not what you think!)

The first reactions I get when people find out I’m vegetarian is, “Oh my god, how do you eat on campus? Is it easy finding food to eat?!” accompanied by a look of shock or disapproval/disgust.


To the surprise of most however, it is quite simple to be vegetarian on campus. Not only can I keep “vegetarian” snacks (pretty much the same exact snacks as any other eater) in my dorm but most stations in the dining hall offer several vegetarian alternatives or don’t contain meat regardless. My meals are honestly probably not that different from yours.

For breakfast foods, the options are fairly the same as regular eaters; omelets, bagels, smoothies, power bars, fruits etc.

For lunch and dinner; at any pasta, stir fry, salad bar, create your own type food station, you just get it without meat and for a protein option add tofu.

My favorite place on campus is a create your own bowl/burrito station called Caliente, in which I put brown rice, pinto beans, vegetables, sour cream and cheese. Mixed all together I have a delicious burrito bowl that is healthy and fresh!

For snacking, the only snack I feel I’m missing out on is the cheese, ham and crackers combo.

I can still snack on my favorite snacks, hummus and pretzels and barbecue chips.

Overall being vegetarian is really quite simple and if you’re considering it, don’t let your fear of diet variety constraint stop you!