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The Beautiful, the Bold, and the Barefaced



By: Meghan Rieger

In the fashion and beauty world we judge ourselves on a few things which we believe others pay close attention to: our choice of clothes, how those clothes look on us, our shoes, our accessories, and our makeup habits. If there is one thing among those traits I believe to be insignificant it is how we choose to express our skin.

Firstly, no one cares if you lack a coat of mascara or a layer of concealer. I doubt a fellow student or coworker is going to think wow she really could have used an extra layer of foundation this morning. Truth is no one cares except you. This is exactly why you should only wear makeup if YOU wish to.

Personally, I love to let my skin breathe and I often go barefaced, but that doesn't mean I don’t love to let my imagination run wild with a bold lip or an occasional smokey eye. I have the same motto for both my love of bread and my love of makeup. Everything in moderation.

Growing up with a sister in the cosmetic industry I had an endless supply of top notch lipsticks, foundations, contour pallets, etc. Basically anything I could ever want, there was no short supply of it. This was both a blessing and a curse because I started to fear judgement from others if I didn't wear makeup. I used to believe that people would see me without makeup and think, “she doesn't look put together”. Though I always feel the need to look like I have my life together, this fear grew with the endless supply of makeup around me. But what I needed to understand was that makeup was an accessory not a necessity.

Makeup is a beautiful thing and it allows you to be creative, expressive and bold. But as cheesy as it sounds, true beauty isn’t physical so your choice to wear or not wear makeup should be completely personal. However, I challenge you to acknowledge the importance of going barefaced and embracing every beautiful flaw you may think you have.

Let your skin breathe.

Become one with your skin and love every inch of it, because if you don't, who will?

Embrace the beautiful, the bold, and the barefaced.  

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