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Apps & Services to Fuel My New Year’s Resolutions

I don’t think there’s a bad time to start working on bettering yourself, but New Years does seem to be one of the most popular. Having a fresh start to your goals can be invigorating, but in order to make them more than a dream, you need to be taking steps to take them to happen. Luckily, we live in an age when almost anything you could want to learn to do it on the internet. Here are some of the ways I’ll be sticking to my resolutions this year, and that you can try too!


Ordering food from Hello fresh

One of my main goals for the year is to learn how to cook and make healthy food choices. Between my busy schedule and lack of experience putting a meal together, I tend to find myself getting pre-made food or ordering in A LOT. Hellofresh delivers all the ingredients for your meal and cooking instructions, which will save me the time spent searching through the recipe book and the grocery store. Their vegetarian options will also help give me healthy ideas for a diet with less meat, another one of my resolutions. 


Using guided workouts on Sweat & Peloton

I have a bad habit of letting any minor inconvenience get in the way of my workouts. If I don’t want to walk to the gym in the rain or my workout class is fully booked, I tend to skip the entire workout. This year, that won’t be an option. The SWEAT app gives you guided and muscle-group targeted workouts that can be done almost anywhere. And to get the inspiration of an instruction in my free apartment gym, the Peloton app has guided cardio workouts. 


Learning a language on Duolingo

I’d love to speak another language, but after years of French classes I’m still far from fluent. But, what has worked really well for me is Duolingo. The summer before I went abroad to Rome, I studied Italian on Duolingo, and without any other experience was able to pass Italian III when I got there, so I’m confident at least some of the lingo the app teaches me is sticking. So, when I decided I wanted to learn some Spanish as one of my resolutions, Duolingo was the first thing I downloaded. 


Playing guitar with Yousician

I’ve wanted to learn to play guitar since I was ten and thought I was going to be the next Hannah Montana, yet somehow still never got around to it. With some extra time over the break, I finally started learning some chords with the help of Yousician, an app that guides you through the learning process. 


Shop on Poshmark

Living with less waste is very important to me, and cutting my online shopping down is a sure way to achieve this. One thing I will be making sure I do when I do have to go shopping this year is buying used whenever possible. Poshmark has, in my experience, been a great way to get used clothes online in a reasonable period of time. 


Use the settings built into your phone

For many resolutions, such as using social media less or having set sleeping hours, I can use settings already on my phone. Setting limits on the social media apps I have, or deleting them altogether has already decreased the amount of time I spend on my phone massively. Setting both night time alarms and morning wake up calls is also starting to get me in the habit of sleeping enough and during consistent hours. 


I hope some of these tools help with your plans for 2020. Happy New Year and the best of luck with all your resolutions!